Treble Tales

Ensemble music, movement & storytelling for children of all skill levels.

Sample Lesson

'El Carlanco' (From Spain)

This was a master class taught at CalShakes in Orinda, Ca.  It was very fast paced and kept the children engaged.  

Time Allot.
 Materials Needed
 10 minutes
  1. T helps C form circle for 'Circassian Circle' mp3 song. T models/encourages C to follow movement. Repeat piece for C to learn to sing/dance to as a group. (piece #5)
    1. Form a circle, 4 counts in, 4 counts out, repeat
    2. 4 counts- #1s go in , #2s clap, repeat for #2s go in, #1s clap
    3. Partner spin for 8 counts, reverse spin for 8 counts
    4. Partners promenade in larger circle for 16 counts
    5. (repeat w/ different partners)

Mp3 recording- Circassian Circle





 10 minutes
 Trans to instr:
T plays walking pattern on drum; C will walk to pattern. When music stops, C strike a pose. T changes tempo. T offers a child to take over the drum. C can take turns playing walking, running music. (piece #4)
Drums (several)
 10 minutes
Game: body percussion (pieces #1,2). Intro rhythm:

8888 8888 44 2 (repeat)

442 8888 2

8888 8888 44 2


Thigh " " " Snap " " " Cl " Stomp :|

Cl " St, Cl " " " St

Thigh " " " Snap " " " Cl " St

 10 minutes
Divide group in half for instruments and body percussion. Body percussion groups can be in of 2 or 4. C on instruments will attempt to figure out melody on pitched percussion. T assists.

Lyrics (?)





Groups switch

  Rhythm/pitched & upitched percussion
 5 minutes
 BREAK-  water, bathroom
 15 minutes

Story time-

T asks C about the story of the 3 little pigs. "Where's the origin of this story?" "What language do they speak?" "What language is spoken in Spain?" "The Carlanco is from Spain?" etc, etc. T reads the story. T asks kids to break it down: who is it about? What happened first? What happened next? What's the conflict? How does it end?

T asks C to tell the story T teaches lyrics to the chant. (piece #3)

Mom: Open the door, please open for me,

For I am the mother of all you three.


Carlanco: The Carlanco is here so open the door,

Open the door and open it now!


T: assigns characters/ensembles:




Abbess (Wasp)

Inn Keeper




images, map of Spain/Europe, info re: 3 little pigs, 3 billy goats gruff, the Carlanco.
 25 minutes

Putting it together:

Narrator begins

Kids take places at the instruments; Wasps dance to piece #1

Narrator + wasp dialogue

Wasps to instruments; Kids dance to piece #2

Narrator + Mom dialogue

All chant (#3)

Narrator + Carlanco chant + kids dialogue

All chant + narrator

Kids do "running" sequence (#4); drummers from earlier will play.

Narrator + kids line + innkeeper line + mom line + Abbess line

Group dance to mp3, same as beginning of class. (#5)


Gather in circle: what worked? What didn't work? How do we feel about our project? (can we get some C to make sound effects)

Print outs: lines for narrator/characters, simple costumes pieces.
 5 minutes

Music to move to or relax too, put on socks, shoes, instruments and materials away, etc.

 mp3 recording