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Ensemble music, movement & storytelling for children of all skill levels.

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A Brief History:

After much procrastinating, deliberating, preparing, planning and putting-off, Treble Tales came into being in the Fall of 2014. 

While Treble Tales is brand new, the conception of the idea is not, and the story behind it, is, like any good story, quite complex.  Suffice it to say that the concept has been driven by the desire to reach those many, many children who are at risk of becoming adults that:

  • think they are tone deaf
  • think that art "skipped a generation"
  • were told "just don't sing" 
  • lacked financial means to study the arts
  • felt that music was too complex
  • have two left feet
  • can't clap and stomp at the same time
  • don't realize that dance is movement and everybody moves

Veronica attended Orff lessons since the age of three, learning about rhythm and beat through movement.  She developed a passion for creating her own music.  Today, spends much of her free time at the piano, as she and her sister compose the music for their first musical. 


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