Treble Tales

Ensemble music, movement & storytelling for children of all skill levels.


Summer Classes:

Coming UP in August!

'Jack and the Beanstalk'

ages 4-7

in Berkeley

Time/Date: TBD

Email for more info.


More Summer Classes to be Announced soon!

What we do:

* group/circle dances.

* partner dances

* improv movement

* discover sounds in instruments

* ear training w/ Orff instruments

* solfege w/ Curwen hand signs

* learn to play recorder (older kids)

* ensemble music playing

* have fun!!!

There is no need to purchase any instruments. Musical instruments to be used in the classroom include Orff xylophones and glockenspiels, various drums, recorders, shakers, woodblocks, kazoos, and more.

  • Children are not required to have any prior music/dance experience.
  • Children should wear loose clothing to allow for movement.
  • The classroom is a shoe-off zone.

While not yet able to play the saxophone, Kyle is learning to handle instruments with care while exploring the different sounds they can produce

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