Treble Tales

Ensemble music, movement & storytelling for children of all skill levels.

"Elemental music is never just music. It is bound up with movement, dance and speech, and so it is a form of music in which one must participate, in which one is involved not as a listener but as a co-performer."     -Carl Orff

As early as birth the heart beats rhythmically pulsing life through the body, and harmonizing with the breath without any conscious thought. Pulse, beat, rhythm and breath are all a natural part of the process of the developing person.  As a child begins to interact in the world, it is through active participation that knowledge and understanding are acquired.  With pulse, beat, rhythm and breath as their gifts from nature, together with curiosity and ingenuity as their allies, children may claim music, movement and art as their birthright.


An organic approach to performing arts education, or as Carl Orff put it, "elemental music", acknowledges the child's natural ability to create art. In the same way that a person first learns language by listening and imitating, performing arts concepts can be first acquired by the same aural/oral methods before introducing reading, writing and other formal concepts.

Treble Tales provides a safe environment for children to discover their natural abilities to create art through cooperative play. The teacher begins by sharing a story of folklore or history from one of so many cultures around the world. The children learn about these cultures as they reenact the story over several weeks.  Music and movement are core skills that are emphasized. Through play, they build music as accompaniment as well as soundscapes and they develop movement that becomes the blocking for their play. As they strive to retell the story and bring the characters to life they engage with each other developing social skills that provide opportunities to develop emotional intelligence. And after several weeks they have the opportunity to share their work, or better said, their play, with family and friends. 

Welcome to Treble Tales!

Our Mission:

To instill in children a love for the arts while supporting community, cultivating traditions and inculcating core values.

Our Core Values:

  1. Nurture  confidence
  2. Encourage  creativity
  3. Encourage open-mindedness and understanding of a diverse world
  4. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
  5. Be Adventurous, silly, weird.
  6. Build community

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